What is the Best Learning Experience for Young Learners?

River Oak Academy is a Jacksonville Montessori school that is located along the William Bartram Trail by the Saint Johns River, Florida. The school is surrounded by oak trees and grass, which makes a child’s learning experience stimulating and enriching. Young learners from this school benefit from active learning, exploration, and diversity.

Learning by Doing

Part of River Oak Academy’s mission is to encourage students to discover something new on their own as opposed to the traditional way of teaching by using handouts and quizzes. Teachers put more effort into guiding their students by actively validating their conclusions about things that they are exposed to. Children are exposed to challenging, cooperative, and engaging quests, or class sessions, each day that targets a specific developmental skill.

River Oak Academy emphasizes “learning by doing” by having their lessons outside the classroom, or their Nature Classroom. The Nature Classroom is a garden that extends to the outdoor space of River Oak Academy. Among the outdoor locations and activities that the children are exposed to in this Jacksonville Montessori school is a playground, a vegetable garden, and butterfly trails.

Satisfying Curiosity by Exploration and Discovery

Young learners aged from five to six years old in River Oak Academy are allowed to exhaust their curiosity in the most adventurous and holistic manner. Part of supporting the child’s development is to help them to genuinely understand the things that interest them in their surroundings – the number of petals in a flower, the color of a butterfly’s wings, or the phrase when asking for help. Initiative, direct experiences, social interaction, and confidence are among the values that the students learn while gaining mathematical skill, critical thinking, and language acquisition.

Acquisition of skills and knowledge works best in a “culture of independence.” This is a core philosophy that teachers introduce to their students in River Oak Academy. Since students are encouraged to question and process their responses, they learn how to identify and relate to concepts that reward their curiosity. Explorer Studio is a place where young learners between five and six years old experience independent learning which is facilitated by the teachers.

Empowerment and Responsibility for Harmony

River Oak Academy students are made up of young learners from different age groups and skill sets. The teacher-to-student ratio is small as compared to the traditional classroom setting. Students can learn at their own pace with the help of their teachers and parents. Since social and emotional intelligence is cultivated among the students, they develop better decision-making and interpersonal skills.

Children can change the world. River Oak Academy strongly believes in its students and makes sure that each child is engaged, enabled, and empowered. With a curriculum that focuses on individual and holistic enrichment, your child could be the best version of himself or herself.