Dedicated Providers Of Roofing Edmonton

Ardent Roof Systems are an outstanding roofing Edmonton company; they take pride in being able to offer a fantastic range of roofing services including roofing repair, insulation, gutters and ventilation. They want to be able to provide all of their clients with the highest quality and safety available amongst roofing companies in Edmonton. They like to be able to take pride in being preferred contractors for Owens Corning; plus they are shingle masters from CertainTeed. Their business and all of their workers are fully insured and protected this includes full liability insurance, full WCB coverage and all of their workers are correctly trained and properly educated. They will offer you a free estimate to help to get you started. They even offer a competitive quality service at very fantastic, affordable rates. They are proudly COR certified, this is the workplace safety certificate of recognition. To go along side this all of their employees are properly trained with the equipment, hazards in the site and are informed of the current and changing occupational health and safety legislation.

Alongside this provider of roofing Edmonton offering the option of metal roofing they also offer asphalt and cedar roofing options. They will always make sure to consult clients on choice of materials, different costs and estimated repair times before they begin anything. One of the most common reasons that people need roof repairs is due to lack of maintenance, then the second most common cause would probably be due to weathering. You should make sure that you get your roof checked frequently, because something that looks small could result in needing a completely new roof if it gets left for too long and has gotten worse over time. The initial service cost of their metal roofing is higher but the lifetime cost ends up working out cheaper and will save you money on your energy bill. Their metal roofing has an average lifespan of about 20 years and it requires almost no maintenance. Then when it comes to their insulation service they offer a number of different options these include fibre glass, cellulose and spray foam. They offer ventilation service because according to them proper ventilation is key in a properly functioning roof system. Eavestrough inspections are important as the eavestrough itself helps protected people from being drenched every time they walk into and out of a building. Plus with every eavestrough cleaning you get from them you get a free roof inspection.

This provider of roofing Edmonton like to be able to give back to the community, they do this by teaming up their local radio station and doing a free annual roof giveaway, they know that your home is important to you and because of this it’s important to protect it. They also like to give to charity, they do this by working with the Bear Children’s Fund, throughout May each year they donate $500 for each renovation that they do. This money then goes to charities such as Ronald McDonald House and Stollery Children’s Hospital.