What is an entreprise générale du bâtiment?

In the building and public works sector, we often hear about entreprise générale du bâtiment or construction company. What this mean and what is the scope and responsibility of this type of structure?

First, it can be confusing to look for a formal definition of the general business. Indeed, this expression, although commonly used, has no legal or regulatory definition.

Definition of a general building company – entreprise générale du construction

Legally, the general contractor is defined as “the company exercising, with a recognized competence, one or more of the specialties of the construction, which ensures the delivery of a work, all functions and techniques assembled, in conformity and in state completion for a price, with performance and within a period determined by a contract. “.


In practice, it is appropriate to call a general contractor any structure that carries out several activities related to construction. This entity is able to carry out various works and to use several types of building materials, since it is qualified “all bodies of state”. Concretely, an entreprise générale du bâtiment deals with the creation and renovation of buildings, from A to Z.It can then execute the construction or renovation of a project with the help of subcontractors.

The general building company is, therefore, fully responsible for the construction project, including the coordination of works and interfaces, technical studies of logistics, but also possible failures on the part of subcontractors, respect of the deadline and the price stipulated in the contract. In the usual process, the general contractor is consulted by the Client and then contracts with the latter to take over all or part of the lots of a project under the direction of the MOA.

General building and software companies

Considering all the responsibilities of the general building company, more and more of them are implementing PLM software and collaborative projects related to BIM. Indeed, these are complex engineering projects requiring maximum control of risks, planning and their financial impact on multiple activities. Challenges accentuated by the development of Public Private Partnerships! Hence the importance of implementing a solution allowing the good coordination of the stakeholders, for optimal project management, objectives and deadlines.