Locksmith Raleigh Car Lockouts – 3 Ways To Get Back Inside Your Car

Second to home lockouts, locksmith Raleigh experts are often called to help people who have locked their keys in their cars. It’s a very common thing which an expert can quickly solve, but what makes a car lockout more complicated is the situation that you’re in. You might get locked out of your car in a dark parking lot or outside your home in the rain. You might need to drive someone to the hospital or need to pick up your kid at school when a lockout happens. But instead of panicking, remember the following:

Look For Possible Entry Points

Before anything else, assess your situation. Find ways to enter your car like an open window, an open passenger door, or a broken door. Some vehicles have an opening in the trunk so you can crawl yourself from the trunk to the back seat. Usually, the back seat may be pushed forward so you can enter through this very tight space. But if your car is not built this way, you may need to be more creative. 

Use DIY Techniques To Open Your Car Door

Yes, DIY techniques like wire hangers, shoelaces, or wires can open a car door, BUT you might activate the alarm system of your car. But if you don’t have an alarm system or the car alarm system of your vehicle is not enabled, you can hack your way inside your car by using these simple items. 

You can use your shoelace and a wire hanger to open the lock by sliding the lace inside the car door. It can take time to learn this, but once the lace is in place, it won’t take long for you to open the door. So keep a few wire hangers and some shoelaces in your trunk, just in case!

Call A Professional For Help  

Sometimes help is just a call away. If you got locked out and have no way to open your car, and you’re in a dark and dangerous area, better call a locksmith Raleigh expert to help you out. You may also call your dealership or a car lock expert to help you. And if you’re in a dangerous situation and you need help right away, don’t hesitate to contact the police.