A Guide To Packing Beddings, Curtains, And Rugs

Although beddings, curtains, and rugs are not fragile items that need extra caution when moving, the cleanliness and damage-free transit should still be a priority while moving.

Why do soft goods such as bedding or rugs need to be correctly packed? First, this is to ensure that there is no damage during and after the move. Second, proper packing avoids an accumulation of molds and insects, and it also saves more space.

This article is a guide by movers bartlett tn to help you pack the soft goods during a move.

Packing Rugs

Always remember that an essential part of the rug that you should protect are the ends because if not, the process of moving might add to the item’s wear and tear. Woven rugs have the highest risk of having a tassel-like appearance if not packed properly.

  1. Clean the rug itself either by vacuuming or dusting off excess dirt.
  2. Starting from the shorter end, roll the rug. The side that touches the floor should end up on the outside when moved.
  3. Protect the ends by wrapping it using a paper pad.
  4. Use tape to secure the paper pads in place, and do the same on the other end.

Packing Bedding Or Linens

The best way to save space when packing bedding and linens is to use specialized bags that shrink when vacuumed. On the other hand, if you don’t have specialized bags, you can try the following steps:

  1. Get enormous boxes available to ensure maximal space.
  2. Use packing papers and place them on the bottom of each box. You may use other materials such as newspapers, extra fabrics, or paper bags.
  3. Place the bedding or linen first if there is enough space and put small pillows on top.
  4. Put another layer of packing paper on top before closing the box.
  5. Use tape to seal the box, and make sure you label them.

Packing Curtains

Use a wardrobe box for this specific item when packing. It makes the process easier and quicker.

  1. Wash and dry the curtains.
  2. Fold it lengthwise put on a padded hanger.
  3. Secure the curtain in place by pins.
  4. Hang the items on the wardrobe bar, but make sure to regulate how many to not overfill.
  5. Use tape to close the box and then label it.

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